Avoid This in Managing Chickens to Bet

Avoid This in Managing Chickens to Bet

Avoid This in Managing Chickens to Bet – Cockfighting is one of the most interesting games or games to watch. In addition, this cockfighting match is a match that can be cashed after the cockfighting match. Cockfighting is also one of the games of chance where two cocks come together to compete. In the game itself, we must really understand and how to understand this cockfighting system.

Especially if we have chickens and we become people who like cockfighting directly by including our chickens in the cockfighting game stage. We can also do this if we have a very strong chicken. Well, this time we will also discuss things that should not be done before cockfighting, we enter a cockfighting game contest with your opponent.

1. Giving Chicken Food That Is Not Enough

Yes, it’s true, by providing not enough food to make our own chickens, they also don’t have the energy and energy and strength to play and fight against other chickens. Therefore, this will make the chickens that are included in the game of cockfighting also feel threatened by their opponents. Because it is weak and has no strength, that is why other chickens are also easy and easy to destroy or let go of our chickens. Therefore, the need for food or food that must be met and must be met is actually considered sufficient for chickens. No strengths or weaknesses.

If the excess also carries a considerable risk, why? Because the chickens will also feel full and when that happens, the chickens will be lazy and uninspired in the competition. Therefore, we must provide sufficient food. Some chickens even give the chickens less than they need, so the chickens feel a little hungry. Feeling a little hungry, chickens are reliable hunters. In fact, the enemy himself will also be persecuted or considered as food that will make his opponents afraid and immediately run away.

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2. Lack of Exercise for the Rooster

Yes, it’s a good idea to train the cocks before ayan competes in a cockfighting match, but this can be done when time is too far from pre-match. What this means is that we should train our chickens to be able to give them the support and strength created naturally with the blessings that chickens often practice. The exercise referred to here is that we must train our fighting chickens long before the chickens compete or compete.

For example, just a week before competing or even two weeks before competing, this can be done by the rooster itself to provide energy and a habit of frequent beatings, which makes it immediately a physically strong rooster. Physically strong, it is useful for the chicken itself to be able to defend itself against all actions or things done by its opponents. If we make training near competing chickens, for example, 2 days before the competition or one day before the competition, this should not be done.

Why? This is because chickens also need rest in order to recover and be able to return to resistance and fight against other chickens. That way, what should not be done is to train our chickens in the near future before competing. Because, of course, the chicken will feel tired and weakened. And easily subdued by his own opponents who are even more encamped than our own chickens.